Changes To Revision System in WordPress 3.6+

There seems to be a small bug that’s arisen since (I think) WordPress 3.6.

The problem occurs with the Sales/Squeeze Template Options, and it’s had me scratching my head about it as there were no errors being thrown out so it’s been a little difficult to track down what the issue is. I now think it’s changes to the WP revisions system that’s causing it.

When you create a new page and add content to the template options either manually or by loading the presets, then it all works fine. Afterwards, making changes to the options and then clicking the “Update” button results in the changes you’ve made being ignored. This may seem like a show-stopper, but it turns out it’s very minor as there’s a workaround for it.

All you have to do to ensure your changes to the options are written out is to make one minor change in the actual page editor. Inserting or deleting a single character is enough. Do this every time you make any changes to the options (I STRONGLY suggest you do it BEFORE making option changes so you don’t forget) and you should be fine.

When you’re done with changes to the options then make sure to amend your editor changes to the way you want the page to show and click the final update and all is well.

I suspect but don’t yet know for sure that it’s caused by the WP revisions system not writing out any changes if it doesn’t detect any in the main TinyMCE page editor. There were changes to the WP revisions system in WP 3.6 so my guess is that this is what’s causing it. There must be other plugins that have the same issue, but I’ve not been able to track down any news about the topic.

It wouldn’t surprise me to learn that later changes to the WP revisions system will result in the plugin working as it should again.

I’ll get this fixed at some point in v1.0.6, but as it’s no biggy once you’re aware of it I’m not hurrying to get it done. The current version of the Page Template Plugin is v1.0.5.

This does not affect the PRO version of the plugin at all.

Frank Haywood

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UPTP Plugin at v1.0.4

The (Unified) Page Template Plugin is now at a very stable 1.0.4, and unzips the templates with the correct file and directory permissions, so no more FTP quick fix is necessary.

The browser uploader also now works as it should, and I’ve had plenty of practice at converting HTML templates to the UPTP format.  It’s like anything, the more you do it the easier it gets, and I can now do a straight forward conversion in about 15 minutes, while the more difficult ones take about 30.

If you know a little HTML it’s not hard.  Watch the HTML to WordPress plugin conversion video and give it a whirl, or get your designer to do it – it’s not hard.

If you have your own template and you want us to convert it for you, then we can do it for you for a small fee.  Please let me know if this appeals to you and I’ll set it up as a permanent service.

We’re almost ready to place the plugin in the WordPress repository together with a couple of example sales and squeeze page templates, and then we’ll put order buttons on all the templates.  Each one is just $7 which we don’t think is too hard on your pocket, and we hope you agree.

-Frank Haywood

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UPTP Plugin Update v1.0.3

So…  How’s your week been?

Mine’s been interesting in a few ways.

First I lost my internet connection last Saturday night and didn’t really get it back until Monday, and even then it’s been laggy and intermittent with lots of drop outs.

In fact it’s been so bad I haven’t been able to consistently send or receive emails or do anything really until yesterday.  (I even took Tuesday off to go out with the family to Hanbury Hall and that *was* a good day and I’m glad we did that.)

So while I know people have been trying to get hold of me (did some catching up yesterday), I’ve been tearing my hair out not being able to do anything about it.  It’s made me seriously think about getting a second connection for emergencies (maybe a wireless phone dongle).

While this was all going on with my connection, it turns out that there’s a couple of erm… I can’t say bugs because it’s not all the developers fault so let’s say “issues” with the Unified Page Template Plugin I released last week.

The first issue was that at some point in going through the umpteen different versions we lost two important components in the templates.  These two components are key to the pages being part of the WP “loop”.  That one WAS our fault and we’ve now fixed that, tested it and you can now go back to your personal download page and grab the new version.  (We had to change all the template formats – read on.)

The second issue definitely wasn’t of our cause and we’re not sure whether it’s been a change to cPanel security or to WordPress, but at any rate we’re working on fixing that right now.  In the meantime there’s a fast and easy workaround to it and I’ve created a video and placed the link further down this email.

The problem that affects some people is that when you activate the plugin, it unzips and moves the page templates to two folders at:-


What’s happened is that somehow instead of the files unzipping with the correct permissions, they’re unzipping with permissions which mean that WordPress can’t then read them.  The result is unstyled pages when you publish.

You can go watch the short video here to see the workaround to fix this, or if you understand permissions then you need to change all the directories underneath the above location from 700 to 755 and all the files from 600 to 644.

FileZilla will let you do this by simply right-clicking on the above /page-templates/ directory and selecting “File attributes” from the drop-down.  Next enter 755 into the “Numeric value” box and check the “Recurse into subdirectories” box then select the “Apply to directories only” radio button.  Filezilla will quickly rip through all the directories and apply the correct permissions.  Then do the same thing again for 644 and “Apply to files only”.

That will fix the problem if you have it.

The third issue we think is related to the second one, and you won’t have had this issue yet but we found it when we started looking harder, and we’re fixing that too.  It’s a problem that arises when trying to add new templates through your browser – they upload but don’t unzip.


As I said above there’s a new version of the plugin (v1.0.3) with a fix for the first issue on your personal download page right now.

There’s also now a video showing how the plugin works, and another showing how to apply the workaround for the second issue if it’s happened to you.

There’s also a short video showing you how to delete all the templates which you should watch, as in the process of fixing the first issue we’ve had to change every single template.

That means the templates that came in the plugin last week all need to be manually deleted first.  The process is, deactivate the plugin then using FTP (FileZilla) go to /wp-content/ and delete the /page-templates/ directory and everything underneath it.  Alternatively you could use the plugin’s built-in admin panel to delete the templates one-by-one but this is slower than using FTP.

After you’ve done that, then upload the new version of the plugin and activate.  You may also need to apply the fix for the second issue above if you’re experiencing this.

You should only need to do this going from v.1.0.2 to v1.0.3 as we’re fixing it now.

If you’re not in a hurry you can just wait another few days until we have 1.0.4 out as that will delete the templates for you.

Finally, there’s a video showing you how to convert a HTML sales page into a UPTP format template.


So this hasnt been a great week really.  Oh and I almost forgot.  The week before, my lead dev resigned (amicably) to go work on something else but I hope she’ll come back eventually.

I now have a new lead dev who starts on Monday and he seems quite competent.  It will take him a little while to get up to speed so please go easy on him when he starts on the support desk.  I’ll be going through all the support tickets myself over this weekend (now I have my connection back) so that it’s as clean as possible before he gets it.

I’m sorry if you’ve been waiting for a response from us, I’ll try to catch up with everything and everybody by the end of Monday.

-Frank Haywood

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Page Template Plugin Finally Ready

Offer Closed


UPDATE: Frank smacks forehead and goes DERRR…

In my excitement to get the plugin out (and I really am excited to have this working the way I want after all this time), I failed to realise that the templates I was going to release to you are pretty much all in the old format.


At the moment all I have properly converted are the Xmas sales templates plus a couple of example sales templates we were using in test and five squeeze templates in the new format.

So I have to convert the HTML versions of the templates (easier that way) to the new plugin format and it takes about 20-30 minutes to do each one. My bad for thinking they were already done.

I thought I might be able to get five done for the start of the sale and do the rest tomorrow, but it’s taken me almost an hour to do the first two.

And now the family’s all turned up with friends so I’m completely stuck…

Not one of the best plans I’ve ever had.  If I’d realised earlier I would have cancelled the email I sent you.


What I’m going to do is push the sale back 24 hours.  When it goes quieter here this evening I’ll do as many as I can and complete the rest tomorrow.  I’ll also do a couple of videos showing how to convert HTML to the plugin format.  Like I said it’s not hard – you just have to take a little care when doing it.

I’m really sorry about that.  Embarrassing myself publicly isn’t one of my favourite things in the world.  🙁

So the sale is now going live at 6.00pm tomorrow, and I’ll leave it running into Monday.


I’m a little bit excited as I write this because it’s taken nearly 18 months (and umpteen different versions that never saw the light of day), but finally…

The (Unified) Page Template Plugin for WordPress (v1) is done.

I KNOW that will please some people.  Hi Ely, hi Valda!  😉

I was even accused at one point of this being vaporware, and when I started on this journey I had no idea that such a seemingly trivial thing to do would prove so difficult and take so damn long to do.

If I’d had an inkling then I would never have started on it.

But the final outcome is EVERYTHING I wanted from this first full release version.  (I’ve released some prototypes to a great reception, but I was never totally happy until now.)

What does it do?

It allows you to create sales pages that are integrated into WordPress, but are totally independent from the blog as far as design is concerned.  The plugin works with ANY theme you like.

Simply put, you can add pages to your blog that don’t look anything like the rest of the theme design.

The design handcuffs have finally been removed.

The background story to this is that for a long time the holy grail for me has been to create totally independent sales and squeeze pages for WordPress – and to make it EASY to do so you don’t have to be a technical genius or programmer.  And so that they would work with ANY theme.

I know that tens of thousands of people want to be able to do this too.  Look at all the sites out there that have a HTML sales page on the front, and then a WordPress blog behind it running everything else – membership, articles, videos, and on and on.  All done in WordPress because over time it’s become easy to do so just by adding plugins.

But as I’ve found to my cost (I’ve spent *thousands* in development time on this), it’s not easy and it’s not trivial to come up with an easy to use – almost push-button – method like this.

WordPress doesn’t like it.

This is because when WP was first created it was purely as a blogging platform.  Even now after nearly a decade, nothing in or about WordPress allows you to easily add pages that are different to the rest of the theme design.

So until now your very poor choices have been to either:-

o Pick a theme based solution and live with the page designs it has built in.
o Hire a WordPress /  PHP programmer who can hard code your design into a theme.
o Stick a HTML page to the front of your site and run your blog in a sub-directory.

All those unpleasant and unsatisfactory choices have now gone away.

Because not only does the plugin come with a nice selection of pre-designed pages (and more on the way), we’ve also created a nice simple method where you can take any sales page design you like and with 20-30 minutes of copy and pasting you can convert it into the plugin format.

Believe me when I say that if I can do this, then anyone can.  It’s easy.

The hardest part was making it easy in the first place.  😉

So that’s fantastic news to all the designers out there as well.  Now they can offer all their HTML designs in WordPress Page Template Plugin (PTP) format too.

To me, as the plugin goes into more and more common use, then the designers who pick up on this will have an advantage over those who don’t.

In fact I see a whole new industry springing into existence that supplies PTP format page designs.

And if you’re someone who regularly has new page designs created, then just ask your designer to supply it in PTP format too – they’ll probably be glad to learn how to do it so they can offer something extra to all their customers.  🙂

The really nice thing is that while the plugin has a built-in “formula” method of creating your sales pages, you don’t have to limit yourself in that way with it.  You can get creative and change the format and layouts if you really wanted to.

Like I said, once you know how it works (and you know a bit of HTML) then it’s not that hard to tweak things so they look the way you want them.

And there are other uses too, such as creating promotional / review pages as an affiliate…

Okay, I’ve been waffling on a little – it’s because I’m excited okay?  😉

Let’s get to the point and make something clear.  The plugin itself is free (and always will be), and I will usually supply it with a couple of basic sales page templates and a squeeze page template too, just so that people can get a feel for how it works.

However, each of the templated designs will shortly be on sale for $7 apiece or as bundles of five on the Page Template Plugin site.  (I’ll be paying 50% commission on them too when the site officially launches and I’ll let you know about that soon.)

But to get the plugin off to a good start, I’m including a PILE of templates for you to use when you create your sales, squeeze or promo pages.

Today at 6.00pm GMT (1.00pm EST) I’m running a weekend pre-launch sale for the templates and as you’re a subscriber I’m including FIFTEEN sales pages templates and FIVE squeeze page templates for just TEN dollars.

That works out as 50 cents apiece and any way you look at it that’s a fantastic bargain for templates you can use over and over again on all your sites.

I’m doing this because I really want you to be as excited about this as I am, and promote it for me at the official launch.  In fact if you do promote for me (even a link or banner on your blog), then I’ll give you some additional page templates for free.  Okay?  😉

Watch out for an update to this post at 6.00pm today when the weekend sale goes live.

This is not one to miss.

-Frank Haywood

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Unified Page Template Plugin Almost Ready

The Unified Page Template Plugin is just about done and ready to be released. (Hurrah!)

It’s taken a while as it’s not been as straight forward as I first thought, and as we’ve gone forward, we’ve had other suggestions, come up with some other bright ideas ourselves, and just made lots of changes along the way.

We now think it’s just about there and it’s now much bigger than I first thought it would be, and so has taken far longer than I ever intended. I thought we might have it done by Valentine’s day – how wrong I was.

Right after posting this I’ll be doing some final test and if it all works out I’ll release the plugin with a couple of free sales pages and a couple of free squeeze pages. We’ll add the documentation to pages on this site as we go, with the first focus being on converting existing HTML templates to UPTP format templates.

The best test of how easy it is to do that will be that if I can do it then so will anyone who has any basic HTML knowledge, because that’s just about all I have. 🙄

Once this is out (and I know we’ve missed a few things) we’ll wait for feedback and then add in the new stuff with the next version we release.

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Template Pre-sets

This post is in direct response to Lisa who made some very interesting points and as a result caused me to stop and do a double take.  😉

This is what Lisa said:-

“I like the idea of this. What I really find useful (and generally tough to integrate with a few sales/squeeze page plugins I already have) is a static html squeeze template conversion. This is what I mean. I want a simple, one or two click method (without the short coding, only if add’l options need to be added) whereby when I buy PLR or get PLR for free I can take the squeeze or sales page that comes with the PLR package (including images and css file) and simply upload them to a page creator plugin (like yours :) ) and then the plugin will create a page template in drop down without me configuring a whole bunch of short codes and custom fields, etc. I know that’s a big dream. But it would be cool and solve many problems I as well as many affiliate marketers have. What do you think?”

Right! Being a solutions guy, I’ve had to sit back and have a real long think about this, but I think I’ve finally got the right answer.

There are two aspects to it.

#1 – To directly address the issue, I’ve decided to add another big feature and that’s to include a pre-sets file which would just be a simple text file. The pre-sets file would contain specific data for all the required fields within the template and would be placed there by the template designer/developer.

When the template is selected, there should also be a checkbox to say “Load Presets” (if they exist within the template). By default this checkbox would be off so that if you were trying out different templates for your sales copy, you wouldn’t lose all your hard work and then have to copy it back into the fields again.

By the same token, the sales copy could go into the “Suggested HTML” field.

So if it were a PLR / MRR sales page, you would select the template, tick the box to load the pre-sets, copy the suggested HTML into the page itself and you’re done.

If it were a squeeze page, you would select the template, tick the box to load the pre-sets, copy the suggested HTML into the page, and add your autoresponder code into the “Optin Form Script” field.

Done. 😉

I have a feeling I may have missed something there, but if we run into any omissions we’ll fix them as we find them.

#2 – This is where you come in.

I’d like to see this plugin and template format adopted universally. Someone has to do it and I’ve chosen me. 😉

In order for that to happen, it needs YOU to ask the PLR / MRR producers to release sales material for WordPress in the PTP format.

What I’m talking about is educating people by telling them about it.

The PTP plugin is free and always will be†.

I can see no reason why they wouldn’t comply as I estimate it will only take about 30-60 minutes to convert a standard HTML sales page into the PTP format. Of course it depends on the skill of the person doing the conversion.

When we release the first version of the plugin, I’ve asked the developer and designer if I can have some guidelines to conversion. I’ve been told by the designer that it’s not that hard to do. Once I’m comfortable about how to do it myself, then I’ll write some docs with plenty of screen shots and also do some videos as a complete walk through of the conversion process.

That should make it easy for a designer/developer type (or anyone with any HTML skills) to take a standard HTML page and convert it into a 3 minute set-up for anybody.

-Frank Haywood

† While the plugin will always be free, I’ll also be linking it into my universal affiliate scheme for all my other products, so you’ll be able to make money just by promoting a free product.  We all like that don’t we?  😉

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Coming Soon…

We’re hoping to have the Unified Page Template Plugin completed within the next two weeks.

So probably by Valentine’s Day.

That is all.


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