About the Page Template Plugin

The Page Template Plugin (PTP) is free and always will be.

The templates on this site all cost a standard $7 for each one, and includes both the HTML version of the template and a PTP version for use with WordPress.  Once you’ve purchased a template then you’re allowed to use it on all the sites you personally own.

This is exceptional value for money by any standards.  Try purchasing an off-the-shelf sales or squeeze page template from anywhere else and you would only get the HTML version.

The plugin has been created to solve a problem that has existed for a quite a while now for many marketers, and that’s to be able to easily add sales and squeeze pages to their WordPress driven sites.

The problem goes like this.

When creating a Page (not a Post) in WordPress, then some themes will supply styles for the page so that it will appear differently to the rest of the blog.  And that’s great!

So a theme could potentially be supplied with several different sales page templates that the admin could select from if she were using that particular theme.  But if a different theme is selected, those page templates are no longer available to the new theme.  And the lovely sales pages are lost until the original theme they were supplied with is re-activated.


This particularly affects marketers.

It’s this major omission from WordPress that has driven the creation and the evolution of this plugin.

One day our hope is that the WordPress development team will adopt the Page Template Plugin and integrate it into WordPress.  Until that sunny day, this is what we have.

The first version of this plugin was created for a friend who wanted some “Squeeze Pages” to give away as part of a warm-up process for a major product launch in the marketing world.

He needed his prospects and customers who were often not so technically biased to be able to easily set up both their sites and Squeeze Pages.  WordPress is perfect for quickly setting up a site with the least technical knowledge.

So we designed HTML versions of five squeeze pages and built the first pre-release version of the plugin and realised we were onto something.

A different version of the plugin was created shortly afterwards – this one around a set of Sales Page templates.

And of course the next step was to unify both versions of the plugin to cater for both Squeeze and Sales Pages.  See the examples from the drop-down menu at the top of this site to see the kinds of pages you can display.

The result is the (Unified) Page Template Plugin.  Free to download and free for use on all your WordPress driven sites.

We’ve also created some tutorial videos showing how you can convert your existing HTML only templates into PTP format.  It’s very easy and we’ve made it as easy as we possibly could by including tags wherever possible to avoid having to learn any PHP code.

You will need some knowledge of HTML though.

If you think you can’t do the conversions yourself, then you can either use one of the pre-made templates off this site (just $7), or you could ask your designer to do it for you – they should have no problem in picking up and running with the Page Template Plugin.

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