Adding A Sales Page To WordPress

Once you start the video you may wish to flip to 720p and full screen.


How to add a sales page to WordPress that’s still part of the WordPress “loop”.

This clever plugin allows you to write your sales copy in the TinyMCE editor and then choose a pre-made sales page template to display it. If you don’t like the look of the template, just choose another one.

You can easily move blocks around on the page (using short code tags) such as the testimonials, guarantee certificate and buy button.

The Unified Page Template Plugin greatly simplifies the entire process and even allows you to add squeeze pages to your WordPress blog too.

Using the plugin, all page template designs will work with any theme and also survive theme changes.



  1. TW says:

    Thx for the video show & tell, it’s a very smart approach!

    Is there a short code for squeeze page design or do we lug in the code of our own autoresponder in the flow of the page?

    • Frank says:

      Hi TW,

      Yes there are squeeze pages too, but not in this pack. When I add the plugin to the WordPress repository there’ll be a couple of examples of both sales and squeeze pages included. Some time in the next few days.


  2. Derek Taylor says:

    Thank you very much Frank for these two videos! I had purchased the PTP and some templates but had not yet implemented them. Your videos will make it easy and I won’t have to spend the time I thought I was going to have to spend to “figure it out”. Makes you wonder how we ever got along without video instructions. Thanks again!

    • Frank says:

      Hi Derek,

      You’re welcome.

      And I know. My own personal preference is reading (I like to skim) and I’m one of those sad individuals who actually RTFM before I get the product out the box. But sometimes it’s just faster and better to do it with a video.

      Even though it might take longer to watch than to skim read, the level of understanding is higher, and it’s faster to get to the final level of understanding over all.


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