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UPDATE: Frank smacks forehead and goes DERRR…

In my excitement to get the plugin out (and I really am excited to have this working the way I want after all this time), I failed to realise that the templates I was going to release to you are pretty much all in the old format.


At the moment all I have properly converted are the Xmas sales templates plus a couple of example sales templates we were using in test and five squeeze templates in the new format.

So I have to convert the HTML versions of the templates (easier that way) to the new plugin format and it takes about 20-30 minutes to do each one. My bad for thinking they were already done.

I thought I might be able to get five done for the start of the sale and do the rest tomorrow, but it’s taken me almost an hour to do the first two.

And now the family’s all turned up with friends so I’m completely stuck…

Not one of the best plans I’ve ever had.  If I’d realised earlier I would have cancelled the email I sent you.


What I’m going to do is push the sale back 24 hours.  When it goes quieter here this evening I’ll do as many as I can and complete the rest tomorrow.  I’ll also do a couple of videos showing how to convert HTML to the plugin format.  Like I said it’s not hard – you just have to take a little care when doing it.

I’m really sorry about that.  Embarrassing myself publicly isn’t one of my favourite things in the world.  🙁

So the sale is now going live at 6.00pm tomorrow, and I’ll leave it running into Monday.


I’m a little bit excited as I write this because it’s taken nearly 18 months (and umpteen different versions that never saw the light of day), but finally…

The (Unified) Page Template Plugin for WordPress (v1) is done.

I KNOW that will please some people.  Hi Ely, hi Valda!  😉

I was even accused at one point of this being vaporware, and when I started on this journey I had no idea that such a seemingly trivial thing to do would prove so difficult and take so damn long to do.

If I’d had an inkling then I would never have started on it.

But the final outcome is EVERYTHING I wanted from this first full release version.  (I’ve released some prototypes to a great reception, but I was never totally happy until now.)

What does it do?

It allows you to create sales pages that are integrated into WordPress, but are totally independent from the blog as far as design is concerned.  The plugin works with ANY theme you like.

Simply put, you can add pages to your blog that don’t look anything like the rest of the theme design.

The design handcuffs have finally been removed.

The background story to this is that for a long time the holy grail for me has been to create totally independent sales and squeeze pages for WordPress – and to make it EASY to do so you don’t have to be a technical genius or programmer.  And so that they would work with ANY theme.

I know that tens of thousands of people want to be able to do this too.  Look at all the sites out there that have a HTML sales page on the front, and then a WordPress blog behind it running everything else – membership, articles, videos, and on and on.  All done in WordPress because over time it’s become easy to do so just by adding plugins.

But as I’ve found to my cost (I’ve spent *thousands* in development time on this), it’s not easy and it’s not trivial to come up with an easy to use – almost push-button – method like this.

WordPress doesn’t like it.

This is because when WP was first created it was purely as a blogging platform.  Even now after nearly a decade, nothing in or about WordPress allows you to easily add pages that are different to the rest of the theme design.

So until now your very poor choices have been to either:-

o Pick a theme based solution and live with the page designs it has built in.
o Hire a WordPress /  PHP programmer who can hard code your design into a theme.
o Stick a HTML page to the front of your site and run your blog in a sub-directory.

All those unpleasant and unsatisfactory choices have now gone away.

Because not only does the plugin come with a nice selection of pre-designed pages (and more on the way), we’ve also created a nice simple method where you can take any sales page design you like and with 20-30 minutes of copy and pasting you can convert it into the plugin format.

Believe me when I say that if I can do this, then anyone can.  It’s easy.

The hardest part was making it easy in the first place.  😉

So that’s fantastic news to all the designers out there as well.  Now they can offer all their HTML designs in WordPress Page Template Plugin (PTP) format too.

To me, as the plugin goes into more and more common use, then the designers who pick up on this will have an advantage over those who don’t.

In fact I see a whole new industry springing into existence that supplies PTP format page designs.

And if you’re someone who regularly has new page designs created, then just ask your designer to supply it in PTP format too – they’ll probably be glad to learn how to do it so they can offer something extra to all their customers.  🙂

The really nice thing is that while the plugin has a built-in “formula” method of creating your sales pages, you don’t have to limit yourself in that way with it.  You can get creative and change the format and layouts if you really wanted to.

Like I said, once you know how it works (and you know a bit of HTML) then it’s not that hard to tweak things so they look the way you want them.

And there are other uses too, such as creating promotional / review pages as an affiliate…

Okay, I’ve been waffling on a little – it’s because I’m excited okay?  😉

Let’s get to the point and make something clear.  The plugin itself is free (and always will be), and I will usually supply it with a couple of basic sales page templates and a squeeze page template too, just so that people can get a feel for how it works.

However, each of the templated designs will shortly be on sale for $7 apiece or as bundles of five on the Page Template Plugin site.  (I’ll be paying 50% commission on them too when the site officially launches and I’ll let you know about that soon.)

But to get the plugin off to a good start, I’m including a PILE of templates for you to use when you create your sales, squeeze or promo pages.

Today at 6.00pm GMT (1.00pm EST) I’m running a weekend pre-launch sale for the templates and as you’re a subscriber I’m including FIFTEEN sales pages templates and FIVE squeeze page templates for just TEN dollars.

That works out as 50 cents apiece and any way you look at it that’s a fantastic bargain for templates you can use over and over again on all your sites.

I’m doing this because I really want you to be as excited about this as I am, and promote it for me at the official launch.  In fact if you do promote for me (even a link or banner on your blog), then I’ll give you some additional page templates for free.  Okay?  😉

Watch out for an update to this post at 6.00pm today when the weekend sale goes live.

This is not one to miss.

-Frank Haywood

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