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UPDATE: Frank smacks forehead and goes DERRR…

In my excitement to get the plugin out (and I really am excited to have this working the way I want after all this time), I failed to realise that the templates I was going to release to you are pretty much all in the old format.


At the moment all I have properly converted are the Xmas sales templates plus a couple of example sales templates we were using in test and five squeeze templates in the new format.

So I have to convert the HTML versions of the templates (easier that way) to the new plugin format and it takes about 20-30 minutes to do each one. My bad for thinking they were already done.

I thought I might be able to get five done for the start of the sale and do the rest tomorrow, but it’s taken me almost an hour to do the first two.

And now the family’s all turned up with friends so I’m completely stuck…

Not one of the best plans I’ve ever had.  If I’d realised earlier I would have cancelled the email I sent you.


What I’m going to do is push the sale back 24 hours.  When it goes quieter here this evening I’ll do as many as I can and complete the rest tomorrow.  I’ll also do a couple of videos showing how to convert HTML to the plugin format.  Like I said it’s not hard – you just have to take a little care when doing it.

I’m really sorry about that.  Embarrassing myself publicly isn’t one of my favourite things in the world.  :-(

So the sale is now going live at 6.00pm tomorrow, and I’ll leave it running into Monday.


I’m a little bit excited as I write this because it’s taken nearly 18 months (and umpteen different versions that never saw the light of day), but finally…

The (Unified) Page Template Plugin for WordPress (v1) is done.

I KNOW that will please some people.  Hi Ely, hi Valda!  ;-)

I was even accused at one point of this being vaporware, and when I started on this journey I had no idea that such a seemingly trivial thing to do would prove so difficult and take so damn long to do.

If I’d had an inkling then I would never have started on it.

But the final outcome is EVERYTHING I wanted from this first full release version.  (I’ve released some prototypes to a great reception, but I was never totally happy until now.)

What does it do?

It allows you to create sales pages that are integrated into WordPress, but are totally independent from the blog as far as design is concerned.  The plugin works with ANY theme you like.

Simply put, you can add pages to your blog that don’t look anything like the rest of the theme design.

The design handcuffs have finally been removed.

The background story to this is that for a long time the holy grail for me has been to create totally independent sales and squeeze pages for WordPress – and to make it EASY to do so you don’t have to be a technical genius or programmer.  And so that they would work with ANY theme.

I know that tens of thousands of people want to be able to do this too.  Look at all the sites out there that have a HTML sales page on the front, and then a WordPress blog behind it running everything else – membership, articles, videos, and on and on.  All done in WordPress because over time it’s become easy to do so just by adding plugins.

But as I’ve found to my cost (I’ve spent *thousands* in development time on this), it’s not easy and it’s not trivial to come up with an easy to use – almost push-button – method like this.

WordPress doesn’t like it.

This is because when WP was first created it was purely as a blogging platform.  Even now after nearly a decade, nothing in or about WordPress allows you to easily add pages that are different to the rest of the theme design.

So until now your very poor choices have been to either:-

o Pick a theme based solution and live with the page designs it has built in.
o Hire a WordPress /  PHP programmer who can hard code your design into a theme.
o Stick a HTML page to the front of your site and run your blog in a sub-directory.

All those unpleasant and unsatisfactory choices have now gone away.

Because not only does the plugin come with a nice selection of pre-designed pages (and more on the way), we’ve also created a nice simple method where you can take any sales page design you like and with 20-30 minutes of copy and pasting you can convert it into the plugin format.

Believe me when I say that if I can do this, then anyone can.  It’s easy.

The hardest part was making it easy in the first place.  ;-)

So that’s fantastic news to all the designers out there as well.  Now they can offer all their HTML designs in WordPress Page Template Plugin (PTP) format too.

To me, as the plugin goes into more and more common use, then the designers who pick up on this will have an advantage over those who don’t.

In fact I see a whole new industry springing into existence that supplies PTP format page designs.

And if you’re someone who regularly has new page designs created, then just ask your designer to supply it in PTP format too – they’ll probably be glad to learn how to do it so they can offer something extra to all their customers.  :-)

The really nice thing is that while the plugin has a built-in “formula” method of creating your sales pages, you don’t have to limit yourself in that way with it.  You can get creative and change the format and layouts if you really wanted to.

Like I said, once you know how it works (and you know a bit of HTML) then it’s not that hard to tweak things so they look the way you want them.

And there are other uses too, such as creating promotional / review pages as an affiliate…

Okay, I’ve been waffling on a little – it’s because I’m excited okay?  ;-)

Let’s get to the point and make something clear.  The plugin itself is free (and always will be), and I will usually supply it with a couple of basic sales page templates and a squeeze page template too, just so that people can get a feel for how it works.

However, each of the templated designs will shortly be on sale for $7 apiece or as bundles of five on the Page Template Plugin site.  (I’ll be paying 50% commission on them too when the site officially launches and I’ll let you know about that soon.)

But to get the plugin off to a good start, I’m including a PILE of templates for you to use when you create your sales, squeeze or promo pages.

Today at 6.00pm GMT (1.00pm EST) I’m running a weekend pre-launch sale for the templates and as you’re a subscriber I’m including FIFTEEN sales pages templates and FIVE squeeze page templates for just TEN dollars.

That works out as 50 cents apiece and any way you look at it that’s a fantastic bargain for templates you can use over and over again on all your sites.

I’m doing this because I really want you to be as excited about this as I am, and promote it for me at the official launch.  In fact if you do promote for me (even a link or banner on your blog), then I’ll give you some additional page templates for free.  Okay?  ;-)

Watch out for an update to this post at 6.00pm today when the weekend sale goes live.

This is not one to miss.

-Frank Haywood


  1. Anne says:

    Well done that man! Just what the Doctor ordered, can’t wait. So much for software for sale thay “Anyone can use” and make thousands. If that software is so good, why didn’t you use it??????? (7x? = Tongue in cheek)

    • Frank says:

      Hi Anne,

      Heh. I’ve actually put off the official launch of a pile of products week after week, just trying to get this working and simple enough for anyone to do the conversion. The prototype versions of the plugin I’ve released so far needed someone who was conversant with both CSS and PHP and that’s definitely not me.

      To do conversions yourself with this final first release version only requires you to know a little HTML and be able to paste some tags. I really do mean if I can do it then anyone can. ;-)


  2. James Dunn says:

    Hey Frank.

    Your timing is impeccable. I use Genesis for all my websites, and I was about to buy their very expensive Premise platform and I’m not sure it could do all of what this one can do. Plus, this one works with any theme.

    Sounds like you might have another winner here Frank. I have something I’ll be using this on next week.

    Looking forward to grabbing this.

    James Dunn
    Athens, GA USA

    • Frank says:

      Hi James,

      I think you’re right. It’s been a labour of love and heartbreak this one. My hope is that it will capture people’s imaginations like it has done mine. We’ve tested it with all sorts of themes, my own, the WP defaults, Artisteer themes and anything else we could get our hands on and it just perfectly bypasses them all and displays the sales pages they way they were designed and meant to be displayed.

      I’ve even used it this week on a site we set up for small local businesses to get websites put together by my wife using Artisteer – which is a FAB piece of software… and I should be using an affiliate link shouldn’t I?

      Anyway works a treat and that site will get some promotion done next week. ;-)


      • James Dunn says:

        It’s funny someone mentioned the WordPress Affiliate Pages deal because I had just looked that up this past week in anticipation of spending all weekend working on the landing page for this deal next week. Now, if I can get the plugin tomorrow, then I can get this done in short order rather than laboring all weekend over it. Looking forward to it Frank.

        • Frank says:

          Hi James,

          There’s plenty of templates to choose from in this bundle, and what I’ll do right after the sale starts is a video showing how to do a conversion from a HTML design. I’ll whizz through it on the assumption you can pause and restart the video as it takes about 20-30 minutes.

          Once you see the logic of it for one “block” you’ll quickly understand how to do all of them. The blocks are the movable snippets of code such as the testimonials, certificate and order button. You write your sales copy in the main TinyMCE editor and then paste in short code tags where you want the blocks to appear within your copy. Then you fill in the boxes that populate each block with content, and publish. All done.

          It’s easy to use, and finally it’s easy to do the HTML conversions yourself.


  3. Olaf says:

    Hey Frank,

    nice too hear about this plugin, i think the last info about this greet plugin was last year in just the same time ;-) ,
    but i ghave some question is this now then some update for the people who have buy the ” PG Sales Page Templates ” or is it some totaly new part??

    and how do you will see it, become we this greet plugin in the member ship for free or must we also buy it???

    but btw i think i will wait your 8:00 email so that i will buy it, even i have it maybe double ;-)

    best regards from Finland where is in the moment -30

    • Frank says:

      -30?!!?? Holy cow. We’re all complaining about it being -3 over here. :roll:

      Anyone that bought earlier page template sets will get them “retro-fitted” to the new plugin format, but it might take a little while, so bear with us.

      The plugin is free and I’ll be putting it in the WordPress repository with a few example templates, in this sale you’re just paying for the extra templates that come with it.

      For PLAhh members I’ll start releasing the 5 template packs in both HTML and plugin format probably starting next month. It would be a huge undertaking to convert all the ones I’ve released so far through PLAhh so I’ll probably make that a low totem task if I ever do it, but any new ones will come in both formats. :-)


      • Olaf says:


        nice to hear, than i will take the buy button like all time when some greet stuff is comeing from you,

        i will wait for the paying link


        P.S.: when you will put the plugin in the wordpress repository we will become some email about this from you, so that we can download it????

        • Frank says:

          Hi Olaf,

          I’ll put the free version in the WordPress repository over the weekend when I get my act together. ;-)


  4. I am probably being really dim but where can we download the free plugin? I understand the forthcoming sale is for the themes but I can’t see where to access the actual plugin or do I have to buy the themes to get the plugin. Sorry if I’ve missed something important somewhere!


    • Frank says:

      Hi Amanda,

      I’ll be putting the free version of the plugin in the WordPress repository over the weekend. ;-)


  5. Brian says:

    I would dearly love to be your affiliate but have never worked out how to join. As your plugins are great, I would like to promote so could you let me know how?
    Regards Brian

    • Frank says:

      Hi Brian,

      It’s all happening here… ;-)

      Apart from the unified affiliate scheme I’m prepping, I also have a new plugin and learning programme I’ve put together with a coaching student of mine. The new plugin will enable you to do sales directly through your WordPress blogs, and has a built in affiliate scheme using the PayPal split-pay method. We have yet to test it but it should integrate very nicely with the unified scheme if we got that bit right.

      VERY soon I’ll make some announcements about all this. I’ve been burning the midnight oil recently – way too many things going on (dumb I know, but…) and they all seem to be coming to fruition at the same time.

      Watch this space as they say.

      P.S. Just took a look at your taxi blog. I know you haven’t updated it in a while but it still makes for interesting reading especially your social commentary on the recession and cut backs. Good stuff.

      • Brian says:

        Good stuff. I use your plugins regularly and find them better than most so I will be looking forward to becoming an affiliate. I just love the delayed widget … think it will sell great. Please keep me updated.
        P.S. Not doing as much taxi as I used to but must update soon … glad you reminded me. As I say, if you like wild wildlife programs then watch them live at your local night spot. Better entertainment than David Attenborough. Gorillas in the mist … eat your heart out!

        • Brian says:

          Is there a problem with your auto-responder? I just got 16 of the same emails for the Page Template Plugin. I’m not complaining .. just saying.

        • Frank says:

          Hi Brian,

          Will do.

          As for wildlife, yeah I remember my clubbing days a long time ago. I was *never* in – 6 sometimes 7 nights a week I was out somewhere (pubs usually) and I don’t know where I got the energy – I’ve always had well paid jobs when I worked for other people, so money was never a problem especially when you don’t have any responsibilities and still live at home, heh.

          I was *always* polite to the taxi drivers when I needed one and tried to keep my mouth shut as I figured the last thing they wanted was any stress from some lippy drunk on his way home. ;-)

          Now when I do go out (not so often now) it’s down to one of the locals (3 good pubs in walking distance) so it’s not often I get a taxi home any more. Times have definitely changed.


  6. Lance says:

    So is this going to basically do the same thing as your WordPress Affiliate Pages, only as a plug-in? That would be great!


    • Frank says:

      Hi Lance,

      Yep, only I think this is better.

      You get pre-designed templates, and you create a new page, fill in some boxes for headline, testimonials, the guarantee and order button etc, and then write your sales copy. You put tags in your copy to position the testimonials etc where you want them, and publish.

      Hey presto! One nicely formatted sales page in double quick time.

      All you need to do is choose a design and focus on the sales copy. No messing with HTML unless you want to, or unless you have a favourite sales page design you want to convert to the plugin format – which isn’t hard. :-)


  7. Jim says:

    This sounds like a great plugin to have. I currently use your SmartDD Lite, too. That’s a great system for ebook delivery!

    • Frank says:

      Hi Jim,

      Well more news on that too. The original developer of SmartDD (and Lite) after a sabbatical doing “other stuff” has decided he wants to bring SmartDD up to date and fix some bugs that have meant I had to take it off the market. Hurrah!

      I’m hoping he’ll start looking at it in a couple of weeks or so. As soon as he starts I’ll scrap the old site design and sales system and revamp it all for re-launch. :-)


      • Jim says:

        That sounds good. I’ve never had any problems with bugs, but I will certainly take a look at the new system when it comes out.

        • Frank says:

          Hi Jim,

          I think you’re okay with Lite – it was the full version of SmartDD that developed some problems as it got older and things changed. It all boils down to different server configurations having problems with SmartDD – it works fine on both my dedicated server and my reseller hosting but some people have run into problems with it.


      • HaRa says:

        Do old customers get the new SmartDD as a free upgrade?


        • Frank says:

          Hi HaRa,

          Yes on the bugfixes, but when we add more features and do a major release (v4) there will be a small upgrade fee. It won’t break your bank.


  8. Marc says:

    Sounds good I do a lot of WP blogs and this looks like a fast & easy way to create sales pages, nobody else is doing these things because they are hard to do.

    Can I also purchase the clone plugin too? I missed that one over the xmas holiday.


    • Frank says:

      Hi Marc,

      Yeah there’s never been a real easy way to do sales pages in WordPress. There have been some theme based attempts, but you end up being locked into a single theme which for me defeats the object. I’ve always wanted to be able to put different sales page designs on different pages so I can do affiliate reviews and the like. I discovered a “kludge” to do a couple of years ago but I’ve never been totally satisfied with it.

      This plugin finally addresses that problem. :-)

      P.S. Clone and Backup will be going live shortly, but in the meantime here’s a link to get it for the sale price.
      Clone and Backup

  9. Karen Corey says:

    Thank you so much. I too would like to know where to join the affiliate program. And as to all your plugins? I am not familiar with all of them. How many do you have & where would I find a list? Love the idea of changing page looks. I have always wanted that.
    Thanks again, enjoyed your articles. As I mostly read your emails.

    • Frank says:

      Hi Karen,

      Big changes on the way shortly including the affiliate scheme and now proper sales pages for all my plugins. ;-)

      I’ll drop you a line when I have some news on it.


  10. HaRa says:

    Well, this plug-in could possibly be a problem solver. As I have totally given up on WordPress because of this stubborn non-flexibility regarding page designs ! And design is something I can’t get over, as it’s my soul. Not very marketing smart – but that’s me.

    I do everything with XSitePro, which really is the best and most solid solution. But there are so many suitable themes and plugins for WP, that don’t work with anything else but WP. This is functionality and speed, that I am oftentimes missing out on. Also I like to give my clients a CMS they can edit themselves (while XSitePro lets them stick with me longtermed!) But many educated business owners do like to take things in their own hands…

    So if your plug-in solves the individual page design issue… well it might become sort of a renaissance of WP for me ? Hopefully!


    • Frank says:

      Hi HaRa,

      Well, who knows? Over time I’ve learned to live within the limitations of WordPress but I’ve never been totally happy with it. One of the long term problems for me was with the TinyMCE editor stripping my custom code out and I got round that with my Content Replacement plugin. Another killer for me was TinyMCE stripping out extra spaces and line feeds, but dare I say it? They seem to have recently fixed that, at least in some circumstances – I’m still trying to work out when it does and when it doesn’t and once I know for sure that will be great.

      There’s no denying that if you want to get a site up fast, then I’ve always found that WordPress is the way to go. I mentioned Artisteer in an earlier comment and if you don’t have it, it’s well worth checking out as the advanced (I think they call it “Standard”) edition will let you create both standard HTML designs and also WP themes, and the themes themselves have lots of options now and plenty of widgetised areas too.

      My wife is currently building a whole pile of 3 page HTML example sites for her offline business clients, and she’s also built some cool looking WordPress themes too. The nice thing is you can start someone on a simple 3 page HTML site and when they want a little more you can export the same design as a WP theme instead, and it makes life a whole lot easier.


  11. Lori Walker says:

    Hello Frank – I was VERY excited after I read your email announcing the Unified PTP plugin release and couldn’t click the link quick enough … but now that I am here I am sooooo disappointed because the release was moved out until tomorrow, Saturday, and of course wouldn’t you know it, I am heading out of town and wont be back until Tuesday afternoon! :( But, what REALLY sucks is that I NEVER go out of town, it just be bad karma for me today! Anyway, I’m hope to find a solution and see if something can be arraigned – THANKS!


    Lori W.

    • Frank says:

      Hi Lori,

      I was excited too, still am even though my fingers are getting sore from cutting and pasting. Only four more to go, although I haven’t tested the ones I’ve converted yet, so we’ll see…

      C’est la vie. Don’t worry enjoy your long weekend. I’ll leave it all in place until Wednesday morning. :-)


  12. Charles says:

    Is the plugin itself going to be released to, as originally planned?
    (to create a market for template designers).

  13. Lynley says:

    Hi Frank

    What is the exact name of the plugin? Is it found at


    • Frank says:

      Hi Lynley,

      I’ve not uploaded it yet as there’s a minor bug and I want it to work properly whe I put it on


  14. Wes says:

    Ah, another propitious plugin from the Haywood labs.
    Looking forward to some instructional videos as I’m
    somewhat technically challenged when it comes to

    I’m curious to know if you have any plans on creating
    an OTO plugin . . . perhaps as part of an update to
    this one, or as a standalone. I ask because I recently
    came across an WSO from Mark Sandquist that
    “creates a static HTML “minisite” for the OTO”
    _ _
    When asked if it would work on WP sites he said :
    “…there’s no reason I can imagine why you wouldn’t
    be able to have your visitors start at your WP site…then
    be sent to the OTO.. then be redirected by the OTO
    back to your WP site”. Seems like a lot of shuffling
    this way ?

    Curious to catch your thots.

    Thanks, Frank
    - Wes

    • Frank says:

      Hi Wes,

      Its strange you should ask that, but… I’ve had a plugin developed in conjunction with a coaching student (Jonathan Paston) that’s 95% complete and does the entire sales, delivery and affiliate process including genuine OTOs. We’d hoped to release it in January together with some other goodies, but I’ve had a LOT of problems this last 3 months with an internet connection that was daily getting worse, staff not doing their job (support!), and staff leaving. Yet another nightmare…

      I’m hoping that the plugin will be ready for release within the next couple of weeks – I have some testing to do over the weekend.

      Hopefully it will be a stunning package as we’re including quite a lot in it, and it will be released at a bargain basement price – we want as many people to be able to use WordPress for digital delivery as possible. The first release of the plugin won’t have membership or subscription support, although it will have pseudo-membership capabilities that will appear to the end user as if it has full membership abilities – more on that when it’s ready.


  15. Lee says:

    Hey Frank
    I’m still not entirely certain what the Page Template Plugin will do, so I guess I will wait for the videos. But in the meantime I will ask questions;
    Say I buy a PLR product which has a HTML squeeze page, will your Page Template Plugin in some way allow me to import the HTML page into WordPress as a page?
    or is it designed to create a squeeze page from scratch in WordPress?


    • Frank says:

      Hi Lee,

      Sorry for the delay in replying, I’m slowly catching up with everything after staff and internet connection problems have slowed me to a crawl. Yes you’ll be able to work through a HTML template following the instructions in the video here:-

      It takes about 30 minutes but you only have to do it once and you can then use the template on all your sites. And of course we’ve made a pile of pre-made templates that we’ll slowly release over the coming weeks that you can use too.


  16. Olaf says:

    Hey Frank,

    nice i have it now,
    greet work from you like all time ;-)

    but must we load now the plugin from the WordPress repository ?? or is the plugin inside?
    maybe i just not clear in my brain, because one of webpage is hacket by some one, and i have a small work now,

    so now i must wait only for the documentation and the videos


    ps. when there will be some take the look for my mst009 that it will be work

    • Frank says:

      Hi Olaf,

      The plugin is inside the zip together with all the templates and we’ll be adding the plugin plus a couple of exmaple templates to the repository shortly.


  17. Sandor says:

    Hi Frank,

    I purhased your product, but had a downloading problem. I opened a support ticket about it, more than 24 hours before. No answer so far.

    Ticket ID #: 64BF76

    I can imagine how busy can be your day, but would be great, if you find time to answer.;)

    Thank you,


    • Frank says:

      Hi Sandor,

      I’m sorry about the delay in replying I’ve just answered your support ticket – I think the problem is with your download manager. If you disable it the download should work just fine.


  18. steve says:

    Hi Frank

    I bought but can’t get this plugin to work. Have raised a support ticket + just replied to your email offer.

    Hope to hear from you soon.


    • Frank says:

      Hi Steve,

      I’m sorry if you haven’t had a reply via support (more staff problems – *sigh*), we’re working our way through them now and hope to have them all cleared by the end of the weekend.


  19. Phil Cullum says:

    Frank, about 9 months ago I suggested to you that you find a way to let regular customers “buy in advance on subscription”. When I wrote that comment, I was leaving on holiday (aka vacation) and would be in the air when you started your sale and would miss the opportunity to buy by 12 hours, which saddened me since I know your quality is good.

    The situation with this UPTP tool is different. I didn’t learn about it until the sale was over (I am running a business, of course, that takes up most of my time, and I do get hundreds of email each day and overlook some). Again, I am sad that there’s no way for me to accept your offer.

    So I am renewing my call for some way to assure I don’t miss a buying opportunity. I would like to buy nearly everything you offer. Can some process like this be arranged?

    • Frank says:

      Hi Phil,

      It’s great to know you have the faith in me to want to buy almost everything I release – I really appreciate that. And I’m sorry you missed this – you’re not the only one – so I’m going to re-open it again.

      I’m a bit stuck with the getting everything though as I don’t know what kind of offer would appeal to most people. I could set up a fixed subscription maybe? As you probably know I try to release at least two new products per month, and I’ve also been running some final discounted sales for products I pre-released last year prior to putting them on sale at full price here.

      Do you have any suggestions? I have a bit of a blank on this one.


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