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UPTP Plugin at v1.0.4

The (Unified) Page Template Plugin is now at a very stable 1.0.4, and unzips the templates with the correct file and directory permissions, so no more FTP quick fix is necessary. The browser uploader also now works as it should, … Continue reading

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UPTP Plugin Update v1.0.3

So…  How’s your week been? Mine’s been interesting in a few ways. First I lost my internet connection last Saturday night and didn’t really get it back until Monday, and even then it’s been laggy and intermittent with lots of … Continue reading

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Page Template Plugin Finally Ready

Offer Closed *** UPDATE: Frank smacks forehead and goes DERRR… In my excitement to get the plugin out (and I really am excited to have this working the way I want after all this time), I failed to realise that … Continue reading

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