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This post is in direct response to Lisa who made some very interesting points and as a result caused me to stop and do a double take.  😉

This is what Lisa said:-

“I like the idea of this. What I really find useful (and generally tough to integrate with a few sales/squeeze page plugins I already have) is a static html squeeze template conversion. This is what I mean. I want a simple, one or two click method (without the short coding, only if add’l options need to be added) whereby when I buy PLR or get PLR for free I can take the squeeze or sales page that comes with the PLR package (including images and css file) and simply upload them to a page creator plugin (like yours :) ) and then the plugin will create a page template in drop down without me configuring a whole bunch of short codes and custom fields, etc. I know that’s a big dream. But it would be cool and solve many problems I as well as many affiliate marketers have. What do you think?”

Right! Being a solutions guy, I’ve had to sit back and have a real long think about this, but I think I’ve finally got the right answer.

There are two aspects to it.

#1 – To directly address the issue, I’ve decided to add another big feature and that’s to include a pre-sets file which would just be a simple text file. The pre-sets file would contain specific data for all the required fields within the template and would be placed there by the template designer/developer.

When the template is selected, there should also be a checkbox to say “Load Presets” (if they exist within the template). By default this checkbox would be off so that if you were trying out different templates for your sales copy, you wouldn’t lose all your hard work and then have to copy it back into the fields again.

By the same token, the sales copy could go into the “Suggested HTML” field.

So if it were a PLR / MRR sales page, you would select the template, tick the box to load the pre-sets, copy the suggested HTML into the page itself and you’re done.

If it were a squeeze page, you would select the template, tick the box to load the pre-sets, copy the suggested HTML into the page, and add your autoresponder code into the “Optin Form Script” field.

Done. 😉

I have a feeling I may have missed something there, but if we run into any omissions we’ll fix them as we find them.

#2 – This is where you come in.

I’d like to see this plugin and template format adopted universally. Someone has to do it and I’ve chosen me. 😉

In order for that to happen, it needs YOU to ask the PLR / MRR producers to release sales material for WordPress in the PTP format.

What I’m talking about is educating people by telling them about it.

The PTP plugin is free and always will be†.

I can see no reason why they wouldn’t comply as I estimate it will only take about 30-60 minutes to convert a standard HTML sales page into the PTP format. Of course it depends on the skill of the person doing the conversion.

When we release the first version of the plugin, I’ve asked the developer and designer if I can have some guidelines to conversion. I’ve been told by the designer that it’s not that hard to do. Once I’m comfortable about how to do it myself, then I’ll write some docs with plenty of screen shots and also do some videos as a complete walk through of the conversion process.

That should make it easy for a designer/developer type (or anyone with any HTML skills) to take a standard HTML page and convert it into a 3 minute set-up for anybody.

-Frank Haywood

† While the plugin will always be free, I’ll also be linking it into my universal affiliate scheme for all my other products, so you’ll be able to make money just by promoting a free product.  We all like that don’t we?  😉

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