Unified Page Template Plugin Almost Ready

Posted on by Frank

The Unified Page Template Plugin is just about done and ready to be released. (Hurrah!)

It’s taken a while as it’s not been as straight forward as I first thought, and as we’ve gone forward, we’ve had other suggestions, come up with some other bright ideas ourselves, and just made lots of changes along the way.

We now think it’s just about there and it’s now much bigger than I first thought it would be, and so has taken far longer than I ever intended. I thought we might have it done by Valentine’s day – how wrong I was.

Right after posting this I’ll be doing some final test and if it all works out I’ll release the plugin with a couple of free sales pages and a couple of free squeeze pages. We’ll add the documentation to pages on this site as we go, with the first focus being on converting existing HTML templates to UPTP format templates.

The best test of how easy it is to do that will be that if I can do it then so will anyone who has any basic HTML knowledge, because that’s just about all I have. 🙄

Once this is out (and I know we’ve missed a few things) we’ll wait for feedback and then add in the new stuff with the next version we release.

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