Unified Page Template Plugin Almost Ready

Posted on by Frank

The Unified Page Template Plugin is just about done and ready to be released. (Hurrah!)

It’s taken a while as it’s not been as straight forward as I first thought, and as we’ve gone forward, we’ve had other suggestions, come up with some other bright ideas ourselves, and just made lots of changes along the way.

We now think it’s just about there and it’s now much bigger than I first thought it would be, and so has taken far longer than I ever intended. I thought we might have it done by Valentine’s day – how wrong I was.

Right after posting this I’ll be doing some final test and if it all works out I’ll release the plugin with a couple of free sales pages and a couple of free squeeze pages. We’ll add the documentation to pages on this site as we go, with the first focus being on converting existing HTML templates to UPTP format templates.

The best test of how easy it is to do that will be that if I can do it then so will anyone who has any basic HTML knowledge, because that’s just about all I have. :roll:

Once this is out (and I know we’ve missed a few things) we’ll wait for feedback and then add in the new stuff with the next version we release.


  1. Zulfikar says:

    Hey Frank – great news :)

    Been waiting for this one for a while and glad to hear its finaly on its way. I look forwar to getting my hands on it a giving it a wirl.

    I do hope that you will consider releasing developer’s license on some if not most of your plugins – a developer on this one will be just the biz if you can do it ;)


  2. Lee says:

    Is this plugin going to see the light of day?

    Sure would be nice to combine it with the “Promo Tools” plugin, to provide affiliates with some pre-made WordPress Sales Pages/.Templates.


    • Frank says:

      Hi Lee,

      It’s done. I have it on a test blog and it seems to work perfectly.

      But… I just haven’t had time to formally release it.

      I need to do a little bit of work as the version I have contains ALL the templates and I need to separate them out into the packages that people have purchased. That will probably take 3-4 hours.

      I also need to create some default “Suggested HTML” to go with it which will probably take another hour or so.

      And finally document it all, with maybe a video or two. Another couple of hours.

      Then a final test of the adding templates functionality (another hour) and announce it to the buyers mailing lists.

      Altogether about a good days work which I’ve struggling to slot in.

      If I can get it done this week, I’ll release it ASAP as I have some new templates packs ready too. Ah. Just thought. They need converting to template format too so that’s another chunk of work. :-(

      Watch this space. Nearly there.


  3. David says:

    Hi Frank

    Was this supposed to be free as part of PLAHH? From reading one of the readme docs, it seems to be. If so, where am I supposed to download from?

    Secondly, why have the latest squeeze and sales templates from PLAHH stopped being produced in BOTH WordPress and HTML formats? I have a new blog launching soon, and I would really like WP formats instead of HTML. Thanks Frank.

    • Frank says:

      Hi Dave,

      Sorry, I only just spotted your comment. The plugin itself will always be free, but the template designs will be charged for. I’ll probably release the plugin with a couple of squeeze and sales page templates for free to whet people’s appetites, but then all other templates will be charged for.

      I received the final (I hope) first release version of the plugin about a month ago, but on top of everything else I haven’t had time to formally release it. I wanted to get the affiliate scheme running first, and I’m about to make an announcement about that today or tomorrow.

      The PLAhh.com templates stopped being released in the old plugin format because we knew we were making changes to the format and didn’t want to do any work (it takes a while) to convert them to a format that wasn’t going to be used any longer. Then I had to fire a key developer for doing something unforgiveable, and *then* my lead developer found she could only work part time.

      I now have a new designer who is learning how to use the plugin and convert HTML format templates to the PTP (Page Template Plugin) format. That task is going slowly as he while he’s a good designer, he’s not up to speed with PHP.

      Please rest assured that we’ll convert all the HTML templates that we issued to you into PTP format as soon as we can.

      All the best,


  4. David says:

    Hi Frank

    That’s great, thanks for the response.

    Where can I get my hands on the old plugin then? I would like to sell some of the wordpress templates but don’t seem to have any kind of plugin (old or new) to get it working as part of PLAHH.

  5. Ely Shemer says:

    Hi Frank,

    Isn’t it about time this is finally be behind us? I think a year is enough :)


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