UPTP Plugin at v1.0.4

Posted on by Frank

The (Unified) Page Template Plugin is now at a very stable 1.0.4, and unzips the templates with the correct file and directory permissions, so no more FTP quick fix is necessary.

The browser uploader also now works as it should, and I’ve had plenty of practice at converting HTML templates to the UPTP format.  It’s like anything, the more you do it the easier it gets, and I can now do a straight forward conversion in about 15 minutes, while the more difficult ones take about 30.

If you know a little HTML it’s not hard.  Watch the HTML to WordPress plugin conversion video and give it a whirl, or get your designer to do it – it’s not hard.

If you have your own template and you want us to convert it for you, then we can do it for you for a small fee.  Please let me know if this appeals to you and I’ll set it up as a permanent service.

We’re almost ready to place the plugin in the WordPress repository together with a couple of example sales and squeeze page templates, and then we’ll put order buttons on all the templates.  Each one is just $7 which we don’t think is too hard on your pocket, and we hope you agree.

-Frank Haywood


  1. Frank,
    Suggestion, is there a way such as on the template page to see at least a preview of the templates. I have to create a couple of sales pages and with the full template package it takes a long time to change to each one and preview to see what it looks like. A scan on the templates page of a thumbnail would really help in zeroing on the templates I’d like to use for any specific promotion.
    Thanks, this going to be a great help.

    • Frank says:

      Hi Brad,

      Thanks for that, I’m compiling a list of feature changes and additions right now so it’s perfect timing. I’ll see what we can do on that front, it just needs some sensible way of displaying them without too many clicks I think? Maybe display a thumbnail and a hover shows a bigger version perhaps? That might not be workable so it needs some thought I think.

      In the meantime, how about we took screenshots of all the templates and created a PDF with them all in, one per page? That way you could quickly scroll through them to see which one you needed. Then as we add more you get to see them all and even decide that there might be another one that’s more suitable for the page you’re working on?

      I actually like the PDF idea as it gives me a chance to show you others that we have, hehe. :roll:


      • Frank, great idea with the PDF, that gets a little sales pitch for what we don’t have in place and a quick reference.

        Let me take that a little further. How about considering a link the page selection box to the site (open new tab) with the screenshots. This might work better for being easier to keep it up to date and get you a direct link to sale those additional skins.

        I was just looking at trying to select a page and a thumbnail at the dropdown list has some real advantages working in real time for the user, but might be a bit harder to implement. Primarily, I’m thinking I’d be looking at color scheme first.

        Thanks for the consideration, and keep up the good work.

        • Frank says:

          Hi Brad,

          Thanks, I like the PDF idea too. Actually it might be a good idea if I also do an affiliate version of the PDF that you can rebrand with your affiliate link inside. Then you could redistribute it and say “hey look at these” and when someone clicks it’s your aff link. The unified affiliate scheme is VERY close now (been a looong time in coming), I’m just having some changes made to the script (Affiliate Click Pal) to make it easier to use and even better for affiliates.

          I also like your idea of adding a link to the examples page here on the PTP site so that they can quickly be checked out.

          It certainly needs something as there are so many templates avaialable already with more being converted as I write this. I was looking for one for myself to use on the Plugin Great site, and it was a little painful going through them all. :roll:


  2. Haktan Suren says:

    To the author: There is a bug in the plugin. Please check the website for the fix:



  3. Brian H. says:

    Awesome concept .. .excited to start working with it … but its not on the page for download or in the wordpress plugin repository … where can i get the plugin???


    • Frank says:

      Hi Brian,

      Home page>> Sidebar >> Top right, under the “Downloads” box. I just checked and its downloading fine. :-)


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