UPTP Plugin at v1.0.4

Posted on by Frank

The (Unified) Page Template Plugin is now at a very stable 1.0.4, and unzips the templates with the correct file and directory permissions, so no more FTP quick fix is necessary.

The browser uploader also now works as it should, and I’ve had plenty of practice at converting HTML templates to the UPTP format.  It’s like anything, the more you do it the easier it gets, and I can now do a straight forward conversion in about 15 minutes, while the more difficult ones take about 30.

If you know a little HTML it’s not hard.  Watch the HTML to WordPress plugin conversion video and give it a whirl, or get your designer to do it – it’s not hard.

If you have your own template and you want us to convert it for you, then we can do it for you for a small fee.  Please let me know if this appeals to you and I’ll set it up as a permanent service.

We’re almost ready to place the plugin in the WordPress repository together with a couple of example sales and squeeze page templates, and then we’ll put order buttons on all the templates.  Each one is just $7 which we don’t think is too hard on your pocket, and we hope you agree.

-Frank Haywood

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