UPTP Plugin Update v1.0.3

Posted on by Frank

So…  How’s your week been?

Mine’s been interesting in a few ways.

First I lost my internet connection last Saturday night and didn’t really get it back until Monday, and even then it’s been laggy and intermittent with lots of drop outs.

In fact it’s been so bad I haven’t been able to consistently send or receive emails or do anything really until yesterday.  (I even took Tuesday off to go out with the family to Hanbury Hall and that *was* a good day and I’m glad we did that.)

So while I know people have been trying to get hold of me (did some catching up yesterday), I’ve been tearing my hair out not being able to do anything about it.  It’s made me seriously think about getting a second connection for emergencies (maybe a wireless phone dongle).

While this was all going on with my connection, it turns out that there’s a couple of erm… I can’t say bugs because it’s not all the developers fault so let’s say “issues” with the Unified Page Template Plugin I released last week.

The first issue was that at some point in going through the umpteen different versions we lost two important components in the templates.  These two components are key to the pages being part of the WP “loop”.  That one WAS our fault and we’ve now fixed that, tested it and you can now go back to your personal download page and grab the new version.  (We had to change all the template formats – read on.)

The second issue definitely wasn’t of our cause and we’re not sure whether it’s been a change to cPanel security or to WordPress, but at any rate we’re working on fixing that right now.  In the meantime there’s a fast and easy workaround to it and I’ve created a video and placed the link further down this email.

The problem that affects some people is that when you activate the plugin, it unzips and moves the page templates to two folders at:-


What’s happened is that somehow instead of the files unzipping with the correct permissions, they’re unzipping with permissions which mean that WordPress can’t then read them.  The result is unstyled pages when you publish.

You can go watch the short video here to see the workaround to fix this, or if you understand permissions then you need to change all the directories underneath the above location from 700 to 755 and all the files from 600 to 644.

FileZilla will let you do this by simply right-clicking on the above /page-templates/ directory and selecting “File attributes” from the drop-down.  Next enter 755 into the “Numeric value” box and check the “Recurse into subdirectories” box then select the “Apply to directories only” radio button.  Filezilla will quickly rip through all the directories and apply the correct permissions.  Then do the same thing again for 644 and “Apply to files only”.

That will fix the problem if you have it.

The third issue we think is related to the second one, and you won’t have had this issue yet but we found it when we started looking harder, and we’re fixing that too.  It’s a problem that arises when trying to add new templates through your browser – they upload but don’t unzip.


As I said above there’s a new version of the plugin (v1.0.3) with a fix for the first issue on your personal download page right now.

There’s also now a video showing how the plugin works, and another showing how to apply the workaround for the second issue if it’s happened to you.

There’s also a short video showing you how to delete all the templates which you should watch, as in the process of fixing the first issue we’ve had to change every single template.

That means the templates that came in the plugin last week all need to be manually deleted first.  The process is, deactivate the plugin then using FTP (FileZilla) go to /wp-content/ and delete the /page-templates/ directory and everything underneath it.  Alternatively you could use the plugin’s built-in admin panel to delete the templates one-by-one but this is slower than using FTP.

After you’ve done that, then upload the new version of the plugin and activate.  You may also need to apply the fix for the second issue above if you’re experiencing this.

You should only need to do this going from v.1.0.2 to v1.0.3 as we’re fixing it now.

If you’re not in a hurry you can just wait another few days until we have 1.0.4 out as that will delete the templates for you.

Finally, there’s a video showing you how to convert a HTML sales page into a UPTP format template.


So this hasnt been a great week really.  Oh and I almost forgot.  The week before, my lead dev resigned (amicably) to go work on something else but I hope she’ll come back eventually.

I now have a new lead dev who starts on Monday and he seems quite competent.  It will take him a little while to get up to speed so please go easy on him when he starts on the support desk.  I’ll be going through all the support tickets myself over this weekend (now I have my connection back) so that it’s as clean as possible before he gets it.

I’m sorry if you’ve been waiting for a response from us, I’ll try to catch up with everything and everybody by the end of Monday.

-Frank Haywood

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