Changes To Revision System in WordPress 3.6+

Posted on by Frank

There seems to be a small bug that’s arisen since (I think) WordPress 3.6.

The problem occurs with the Sales/Squeeze Template Options, and it’s had me scratching my head about it as there were no errors being thrown out so it’s been a little difficult to track down what the issue is. I now think it’s changes to the WP revisions system that’s causing it.

When you create a new page and add content to the template options either manually or by loading the presets, then it all works fine. Afterwards, making changes to the options and then clicking the “Update” button results in the changes you’ve made being ignored. This may seem like a show-stopper, but it turns out it’s very minor as there’s a workaround for it.

All you have to do to ensure your changes to the options are written out is to make one minor change in the actual page editor. Inserting or deleting a single character is enough. Do this every time you make any changes to the options (I STRONGLY suggest you do it BEFORE making option changes so you don’t forget) and you should be fine.

When you’re done with changes to the options then make sure to amend your editor changes to the way you want the page to show and click the final update and all is well.

I suspect but don’t yet know for sure that it’s caused by the WP revisions system not writing out any changes if it doesn’t detect any in the main TinyMCE page editor. There were changes to the WP revisions system in WP 3.6 so my guess is that this is what’s causing it. There must be other plugins that have the same issue, but I’ve not been able to track down any news about the topic.

It wouldn’t surprise me to learn that later changes to the WP revisions system will result in the plugin working as it should again.

I’ll get this fixed at some point in v1.0.6, but as it’s no biggy once you’re aware of it I’m not hurrying to get it done. The current version of the Page Template Plugin is v1.0.5.

This does not affect the PRO version of the plugin at all.

Frank Haywood

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