What Is A Sales Page?

A sales page is a single (usually) long format page that attempts to sell a product or service.

Although the exact format of pages can differ wildly, there’s pretty much a well established and standardised layout in terms of content areas.  It usually goes something like this:-

o A pre-headline that’s usually a teaser for the main headline. (Optional)

o The main headline itself.

o A sub-headline. (Optional)

o An introduction to the “story” to whet the readers appetite for more.

o The biggest, bestest benefits and/or features of the product or service.

o Testimonials from previous customers. (Optional)

o A money-back or other guarantee. (Optional)

o A payment section.

o A close and call to action – “Buy Now!” – “Subscribe!” – etc.

o A “P.S.” (Post Script) or several. (Optional)

Many of these are moved about or omitted entirely depending on the site owners preferences.


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