What Is A Squeeze Page?

A Squeeze Page is a single short sales page, usually with bullet points, sometimes with a video, and like all good sales pages is designed to do ONE thing and one thing only – extract the name and email address of the visitor.  i.e. turn the Visitor into a Prospect.

The term “Squeeze Page” came about because it “squeezes” the name and email address from them – they can’t go any further into the site until they provide that information.

It’s always a fair trade.  The site owner has something the Visitor wants to know, and the payment for that information is the Visitors name and email address.  When permission  to email has been given by the Visitor they then become a Prospect and as a consquence also a possible Customer.

Once the Visitor is converted to a Prospect, they either receive an email with a link to the information they wish to have, or they get redirected to a page.  There are many routes that can be taken.

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